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Falling down.

2009-04-12 15:58:03 by 1sauber1

It's a good fucking movie,

I'm going to remake this scene in flash. BDIk&feature=related

Done with douglas, Working on the gym bag.

Test test and moar tests.

2009-04-11 15:52:50 by 1sauber1 /56636_loltest.php

I'm probably going to add these to some collab...

These are probably my favorite. /56764_test_zombie_pick.php /56809_BEST_KILL_TEST_EVER.php /56992_bat_test.php

This one is decent /57161_Dis_r_test.php

I wonder if there's any madness collabs going on.

I drew sanford and deimos.

2009-03-16 16:49:10 by 1sauber1

Here's a link to sanford d879.jpg

I drew sanford and deimos.

I drew a portrait of krinkels

2009-03-15 22:40:39 by 1sauber1

He said awesome.

I drew a portrait of krinkels

what the fuck did I just draw

2009-03-11 23:39:18 by 1sauber1

wtf mang ly_what_the_fuck434.png


2009-03-11 22:56:12 by 1sauber1

There's a piece of metal in my teeth fuck


Some idiots blamed my movie but let a stolen one in.

It's a fucking shame.

some fucking idiots blamed my movie

Madness combat test..

2009-03-10 14:55:13 by 1sauber1
Updated /63769_What.php

Very early WIP. Remember to remove the spaces

newer version here /77621_What.php

Even NEWER /59397_What.php

Madness combat test..

I dunno

2009-03-10 00:02:25 by 1sauber1